Pitch DNA Insider 101: 3 Easy Steps to Tango with the Tasmanian Devil of Fear


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Now, let’s talk about three easy steps to tango with the Tasmanian Devil of fear.

We all know that public speaking can be terrifying, but why? It’s not like we’re in danger of physical assault (at least not usually. I mean, someone once chucked a lemon wedge at me while I worked the crowd, but that’s for a future newsletter).
Being nervous, anxious and/or terrified before giving an important talk is normal and it’s something most of us wrestle with (or “rassle,” if you live south of Springfield).
Fifteen years ago, early into my speaking career, I was scheduled to deliver a talk in front of a small but important crowd. As the time drew closer, I was overwhelmed by a sense of dread.
The feelings confused me because, in the weeks beforehand, I eagerly anticipated giving this talk. But now, minutes before go-time, my feelings had suddenly changed. Why?

I called my mentor, Francesca, who said something that forever changed the way I think about emotions and action:

“Stuart, you have to realize that you may never feel like doing the things that you’re committed to doing, but you do them anyway and the feelings will come to you afterwards.”

This was a critical shift in my thought process because it was the inverse of how I believed life was supposed to work. At the time, I believed you had to feel like doing something (which implied you were meant to do it), then do it.

But I was wrong. The approach to powering through fear is the exact opposite.

3 Easy Steps to Tango with the Tasmanian Devil of Fear

  1. Say what you’re going to do (commitment)

  2. Do it (action) and

  3. Feel the resulting emotions (accomplishment)

After speaking with my mentor, I focused on my commitment (to give a talk that would move people and provide valuable information) and breathed into my feelings of uncertainty—my uninvited house guests. By breathing deeply, I showed them the door, focused on the task at hand, and stepped onstage with a renewed sense of excitement.

When I left off the stage that night, I felt like a million bucks. Thank you, Francesca!

Bottom line: Don’t let fear decide what you're going to accomplish in your life. Let your commitments guide your actions and the feelings will be there to welcome you home.


The Pitch DNA Insider - Issue 101

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Invest in Yourself: Get a Giant Whiteboard

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Pro Tip: After whiteboarding your notes, snap a pic with your mobile phone and upload ‘em to your drive for future reference.


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