"Stuart is one of the most popular mentors in the entire MassChallenge network. His powerful presentations are brimming with actionable advice and inspiration. His coaching has made a huge impact on hundreds of our startups and he's not only helped them achieve their goals more quickly, he's also helped them discover where to focus their resources. Any startup, organization or fortune 500 company will love working with Stuart."

John Harthorne, Founder & CEO, MassChallenge


“I’ve worked with Stuart to work with teams on a variety of speaking engagements. He really knows his stuff and over-delivers in getting speakers confident and comfortable in a short amount of time. He helps speakers to prioritize the most important improvement areas and to make actionable progress against those and he does that with an infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Liz Bride, Chief Operating Officer, Guidepost Growth Equity


“Stuart elevated our pitch competencies to another level. His coaching and guidance in pitching are exceptional, bar none. I highly recommend him to any new company large or small, new or old.”

—Ace Moghimi, Global Head of Innovation, Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT)



"Stuart was by far the most popular guest speaker I have had in my 9 years teaching at Tufts. My students, entrepreneurship minors, are required to pitch their semester-long project. He helped them prepare for their final presentations by fine-tuning their message and presenting with confidence. This is a skill that my students will take with them and may be one of the most valuable lessons they learned in my class."

—Alicia Amaral, Partner, Juna Financial Solutions; Lecturer, Tufts University



"I have worked with a lot of people on pitches, but the way you approach it, the quality of the feedback you give, and the energy you bring to your work is the best I have ever seen. Feeling very fortunate to have gotten to work with you."

—Giffin Daughtridge, MD, MPA, CEO and Cofounder of UrSure Inc.


"At my former employer, Stuart did a public speaking class to our Women’s Alliance. There were quite a few women in the group that were terrified not only of public speaking but of the class itself. By the end of the 3.5 hours, these women were speaking in front of a room of 25 people with such great confidence and with no fear. It was a transformation that happened before our eyes! Stuart’s approach to sharing experiences, relating stories and offering tips and techniques was incredible. After the class, my colleagues and I spent the day marveling on how amazing the class was and how we wanted Stuart back to share his wisdom with the entire company."

—Jennifer Meyers, Director of Client Advisory Services, Americas, Hull Speed Associates, Inc.


“The Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center at Brandeis University has worked with Stuart for several years to comprehensively train our teams of students, faculty and staff to put their best foot forward when communicating their entrepreneurial and innovative projects and ideas.  He is tireless as he promotes the idea of turning often complicated projects in to simple, explainable and, most of all, fundable enterprises.  Whether they’re pitching for a social cause, scientific discovery, business startup idea or technical application, the teams he works with fully embrace his feedback and expertise which is evident when they present in a professional and moving way to high level judges at our campus competitions.  Any business, academic institution and entity working with entrepreneurial individuals will benefit greatly from Stuart’s experiential, hands-on, and fun approach to the art and craft of pitching."

—Rebecca Menapace, Associate Provost for Innovation; Executive Director of the Office of Technology Licensing and the Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center



"Stuart gets human psychology. In a world that is often preoccupied with inconsequential data and distracted by information overload, Stuart's pitch guidance gets to the heart of what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. He's been an incredibly helpful mentor to me and Miracle Messages."

Kevin F. Adler, Founder and CEO Miracle Messages



"Stuart regularly works with members of The Capital Network to help the fine tune their pitch. The quality of the pitches have dramatically increased since his involvement. One of his strengths is that he can help entrepreneurs of all industry and stages work through how to effectively tell their story and communicate their message. He does it in a unique and compelling way that keeps the entrepreneurs focused and interested as well as helping them get to the next level."

—Meredith Sandiford, Executive Director of The Capital Network