Stuart gives talks and leads sessions at universities, startup incubators, private equity firms, tech companies and global institutions. He’s been a Pitch Mentor for MassChallenge and the Capital Network since 2012.

Since I was ten years old, I've loved everything about the art, science and psychology of speaking. It started with my love of radio, movies and television. In high school, I got involved in theater and improvisational comedy - my first true love. After college, I learned the art of stand up comedy, which involved writing every day, performing every night (six nights a week!), and the most important trait, the ability to withstand pain. Eventually, I wanted more out of life than levity. I wanted to be part the future. I launched Pitch DNA because I was (and am) determined to share what I've learned on the battlefields of the public stages with entrepreneurs who are building something important. I want to help others bring the biggest and brightest ideas out into the world. What could be more fun than that?